Cellular Lightweight Concrete (CLC)

Cellular Lightweight Concrete (CLC) is conventional concrete, where natural aggregate (gravel) is exchanged for the best insulation medium available, namely air, embedded in an organic and bio-degradable foam that offeres no chemical reaction but solely serves as wrapping material for the air. Consequently CLC behaves, like conventional concrete, in particular concerning curing, hardening and most important "ageing ". CLC infinitely increases its strength by hydration (forming of crystals in cement) as long as exposed to humidity in the atmosphere.

For structural (steel-reinforced) application, CLC is used in densities of 1.200 to 1.400 kg/m³, which, due to the billion of microsized and uniform air bubbles offer 500 % (!) more thermal insulation and a substantialy higher fire-rating than conventional concrete. If a wall of conventional concrete should offer the same thermal insulation as CLC, the wall produced would have to measure 5 times thicker and therefore also use 10 times more material (sand, gravel, cement) to produce. In hot environment the essential air-conditioning requires 500% (!) more primary energy to cool down than when heating, a fact, which is not even known to many experts.
CLC (foam concrete) blocks are used for building cottages, wall insulation in multistory buildings and internal partitions.

Also CLC can be produced and poured for floors and roofs on-site. In roofs it can be used because of very good insulating and lightweight. For floors CLC offers faster installation and a less expensive option because of the flowing and self-leveling properties.

Below you can find all the advantages of foam concrete.


Foam Concrete is very long-lived material. After producing it in first 90 years it increases solidity. It does not decompose and is as durable as rock.


Foam Concrete is very effective isolating material. Buildings constructed from foam concrete are able to accumulate cold or heat, which allows to greatly minimizing conditioning or heating expenses. It is ideal material for countries with hot and cold climate and it is successfully used in Australia, India, Malaysia, Canada, Sweden, Russia and other countries.


Foam Concrete control air humidity in a room by absorbing and output of moisture during the day and night. Also in foam concrete houses is favorable average temperature during the day. For example if in the night temperature is about 0 Celsius and in the day about +50 the average temperature in the house will be about + 19 Celsius.


Foam Concrete blocks are lightweight, big sizes and high accuracy dimensions. It increases the construction speed for several times. Also it is easy to cut channels and holes for electrical wiring, sockets, and pipes.


Foam Concrete has a high property of acoustical absorption. If foam concrete pouring to floor or roof if fill all holes and caves in construction and this is also increase acoustic insulation.


Foam Concrete does not produce any toxic substances and in its ecological compatibility is second only to wood.


Foam Concrete is a high workability material, so it is possible to build various shapes of corners, arches, pyramids, which will attach beauty and architectural expressiveness to your house.


Foam Concrete allows to save big money not only during living in the house, but during the construction the house too. It is cheaper to deliver, to build, to make foundation for this house, to plaster, to drive a wires and sewerage tubes, to build various shapes of corners and arches.


Foam Concrete extremely fire safe. For example foam concrete used in special fire safe vault. Tests show that foam concrete 150 mm width can protect from fire for 4 hours.


Favorable combination of weight, volume and packaging makes foam concrete blocks convenient for transportation and allow use motor or railway transport.


Foam concrete use for producing construction blocks, thermal and acoustic insulation of roofs, floors, warming of pipes, production of collapsible blocks and panels of partitions in buildings, as well as floors and basements foam concrete of higher density. So, if you have the equipment for producing foam concrete you can offer in the market various products and will have big competitor advantage.

When comparing foam concrete with other materials, one must keep in mind that:
it is ecologically clean, breathes, uninflammable.

easy to produce in steady-state conditions as well as on a construction site
is produced from components available in any region
its prime cost is low

For countries with tropical climate CLC (foam concrete) is ideal material. Foam concrete is extremely water resistance material. It can float over 30 days in water, before go down. Also this material can't be eaten by insects and mice.

"ALVIKO" offers equipment and full technology
for producing foam concrete.

We offer different sets of equipment. We have sets for countries with major part of hand labor and sets for countries where better to use automatic equipment.

We can provide our clients with full set of equipment and they immediately can start production of foam concrete blocks or pour it on construction site.

COMMERCIAL OFFER on Flagman set - big productivity, up to 150 cub.m. of blocks per day, with mostly automated operations is attached.

Especial sets - small and average productivity, up to 100 cub.m. of blocks per day, with mostly operations by hand manual as well could be ordered.

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